Friday, April 20, 2007


Big thanks to John at Drawn! for posting an article on the 40 show, never hurts to advertise!

you can check it out
  • Here!
  • Thursday, April 19, 2007

    Clio Chiang

    clios been telling me all week that she was unhappy with this, but then i saw it today and i was kinda taken back...i cant see how anyone could complain with this piece! go on over to her site and give her lots of nice comments!

    Rob Koch

    starting price $500 OBO

    Justin Parpan

    check this out, two pieces! way to go! justin has a fun style that shows, and theres proof! and you know what, its found on....his BLOG!

    Josh Parpan

    josh has a great style, and it shows on his piece! after youre done looking at it, go check out some of his other pieces on the blog!

    Jason Levesque

    Jasons got some wild stuff, and many thanks for correcting me on renaming his work! go send him some comments!

    Evan Jensen

    This things intense! Even really went to town on his piece! for more intensities, go to his site, you wont be disapointed!

    Garnet Syberg-Olsen

    Give it up for Garnet! this guys got it going on, the proof is in his blog, so check it!

    Hobo Divine

    This guys classic and hes a perfect example who has alot of fun with their works, go check out his site if you dont believe me.

    Scott Diggs Underwood

    This dude works at AKA, so you know hes good! hit up his blog sometime, and leave comments here!

    Mike Gilbert

    pourin some for my boys, and expect more posts from me shortly after the show! *you can still stop on by my site though if youd like haha..

    Joel Trussell

    Check out this classic from Joel! for more fun designs like this, be sure to stop on over to his blog and give some comments before leaving!


    Now THATS what Id call a nightcap! Ridd's an excellent artist, go say hi to him! his link is found in the links section to the right.

    Augie Pagan


    check out this jumpshot, landos never been more hype than this haha, dig the lakers colors! yo, scope his blog and give some shoutouts in the comment section!

    Kevin Schmid

    Yo, a real powerpuncher piece, im suprised its not sponsored by everlast haha! people, the man is Kev Schmid. for more knockout pieces, peep his blog!

    Wednesday, April 18, 2007


    mmm, blogger is not letting me post, but here is who i owe pics for:

    joel trussell, kevin schmid, pat pakula, ridd sorensen, garnet syberg-olsen, augie pagan, michael mucci, dan helle, hobo divine, justin parpan, josh parpan, scott diggs underwood, evan jensen, sarah heinrich and myself! stay tooned, pics coming tomorrow!

    Pat Pakula

    Ha! perfect! a classic from mr Pat Pakula, lets get some comments here, and visit his site in the links bar,alright?

    Sunday, April 15, 2007

    Gene Blakefield

    two more coming your way! Genes got some talent, go say hi to him , and dont forget to leave him some nice comments!

    Tirui Khachikian

    Tirui is an amazing artist and it shows with her piece! give some love with those comments and check out her link on the right hand side.