Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pat Pakula

Ha! perfect! a classic from mr Pat Pakula, lets get some comments here, and visit his site in the links bar,alright?


Augie said...

Mr. Paluka, you are a genius. That Bandit 40 rules! If was up there for the show, I would by that in a heartbat, and it wouldn't be because it's still filled with beer.

Mega said...

hahaha im totally concidering buying it cause 1) its super skilled and 2) its still got the booze! hahah, is it possible that people just dont like 40s?

crylic said...

hehe, oh man, thats so rad! And yes mega...people don't like 40's, I tried to be a champ and kill 3 off in a night of debauchery with David Dick and I don't think Ill ever look at another one again....haha.