Monday, May 7, 2007

Sorry for the Delay!!

People! incredibly sorry, big things have happened since this show, including making major contacts as well as getting tons of gigs from this show, something to think about for all you who want to get your name out there: plan a show and get all your contacts to sign up for something , no matter how ridiculous your idea, if you build it they will come!

dont mind the lambs navy ive been drinking haha....without further ado, here is some pictures i managed to collect since the last time we made contact:


This happened to Me the other day.

I secretly ate all those cornflakes, dont tell.

this piece looks like the guy who pissed on my front steps about two weeks ago hhahaah, Jared, how did you know?

Friscos finest Italian Import, my main man Lupo Ivanti!

our man Ridd presents: Adult Contemporary....Ha, just kidding man, love this piece!

I cant believe it, its my old roommate Jimmy! from the wilds of New Brundswick, Canada, comes one of my favorite artists and friends, James RICHARDS!!! if you are a local resident or just plain fan of fun, feel free to contact the good sir, hes too much!

pictures dont do Tirui's piece justice, this one has alot of thought into it and it shows....if you are in town this friday, this piece is definately worth checking out!

for serious inquiries only

another home run from the man Josh Parpan!

Look OUT!

Atomos presents something OUT OF THIS WORLD!!


Jason, Major condolences for the lack of responses, but here is evidence that your piece made it here, and in perfect timing too!

Chris, this piece was wicked! the audience agrees too!



Yknow, even though i heard a really horribly Axe story today, i still love this piece, as did everyone!



SEAN SCOTT! dude, appologies, coudnt find that dark liquid for your piece, but i promise ittl be filled to the brim come fridays party!

Handsome couple , no?

Here comes Sarah! this piece made Me thirsty...

Dave Dick had no idea that he was being spied on, or did he?...I hear he has heightened senses...


Sean Scott, Side B

Watto Proves that Rhythm is everywhere!

Two of New Brundswicks Finest Escapees hahah! Lookin good guys!

Yo, its Keith! This dudes rad, and if you ever want to learn knife combat, hes the man to talk to! check out his carving skills!
And check out Justin Parpans double feature! Wicked!

Its Steve Daye! yet another piece that i wanted to drink!

Ooh, also! does anyone have any more pictures? in particular the ones that showed off all the crowd! the place got packed, and i was told over 250 people! believe it? i would. hit me up, the people wanna see the show!

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Dave said...

Hey man, thanks for posting all these! It was an awesome time. And for the record I DID sense the spy. My team of Ninja are dealing with the problem now.